About Us

Piccola [pik-uh-lah]

My 2 year old female Norwegian Elkhound and Siberian Husky mix that I adopted from my local Humane Society shelter. My name is Kelly and I adopted Piccola when she was 2 months old. We’ve been through a lot together, training, traveling and all sorts of adventures.

Anyone who knows about raising huskies knows that their upbringing and training can be a tricky process. I have been navigating this process through lots of questions and research, finding new and different solutions that fit my stubborn dog’s personality 😉 

Discovering this information has taken hours of online searching and lots of money experimenting in trying to figure out what works. So I am trying to put together a singular site to house all of this valuable information that I have discovered in hopes that I could possibly help someone else in the same boat. I am not a professional (vet, trainer,etc) in any way, I’m a just someone who happened to adopt a dog that normal training and devices did not work on.




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